The Campania region

As happening location the Campania region was chosen, the first region in Southern Italy in the fashion sector, annual turnover of EUR20billion - 12thousand companies and 200thousand employees – and the third region in Italy for number of companies. The Campania and Southern Italy Fashion System covers all the production phases of both the Textile & Clothing sector and Tanning & Leather goods sector, overseeing the chain both upstream and downstream, with the retail distribution of internationally known brands. The Fashion Sector is therefore strategic for Campania and SOUTH Italy regions and can be considered a spearhead of Made in Italy and Italian Style for product quality, creativity, capacity for innovation.

The Nola Business Park

The initiative will be carried out at the Nola Business Park CIS - Interporto Campano (Nola-NA): a model of distribution and logistics chain unique in Europe, expression of the CIS and Nola Interporto companies that have been able to integrate business to business distribution, logistics and services in a single hub. An ecosystem in which creativity, style and research are expressed in a logic of community and constant exchange of knowledge. Where ideas become business. A contemporary fashion laboratory, a natural incubator for both well established and starting companies in the fashion sector.


Event address
Showroom Isola 2 – Lotto 245-6
CIS di NOLA - Via Boscofangone
80035 Nola - Napoli - Italy